Color-Changing Fun on top of Flattop Mountain

Dear Del Sol,

Here we are standing on top of Flattop Mountain in Anchorage, Alaska, wearing our Del Sol shirts from the Del So Pier 39 store in San Francisco. The best part is that we had not planned to all wear our Del Sol shirts….just a happy coincidence that made THIS photo-op a must to take and to share!

— Ken, Kami and Brandon W.

Del Sol Fans in Anchorage Alaska

Thanks for sending us your picture, Kami. Look for it in one of our Del Sol email campaigns over the next couple weeks. Remember, if you see your Sol Shots picture in one of Del Sol’s weekly email campaigns, it means you’ve won a Del Sol color-changing T-shirt of your choosing.

Email your pictures to wearing Del Sol gear with a short blurb about your picture for a chance to win. Keep having fun in the sun with Del Sol!

3 thoughts on “Color-Changing Fun on top of Flattop Mountain

  1. I have a beautiful Del Sol t-shirt that I bleached by mistake. I’d like to have it recolored and/or to buy a duplicate. However, I purchased the t-shirt back in 2006. Can ANYONE at your company help me?

  2. Sorry to here about your bleaching accident. Hate when that happens. Hopefully, we can help you get a replacement. We don’t usually keep the same design around for more than a couple years. Although, we try to replace it with something similar. You’ll want to contact our Customer Service team at

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