‘Does it Really Work’ Newscast on Channel 3 KIDK TV in Idaho

“This edition of “Does it Really Work” is a requested product from you – the viewer! We’ll try out Del Sol Color Changing Fingernail Polish. The claim? The color changes drastically in the sun. It was like girls night out in the lobby of Channel 3 with all the finger painting going on. (Only it was daytime.)” Read more and see the entire newscast.

Channel 3 in Idaho Falls, Idaho has a show each week where they test products that are recommended by the public to discover if they really work. The news station awards the products on what they call a Spud Meter (ratings 1 through 5). The Idaho public wanted to know about Del Sol nail polish. The station painted the lady staff members’ nails in the studio; and then keeping their fingers covered, walked outside and took away the cover. Instant success! They showed close ups of the painted nails before the sun and after the sun exposure, so you could see just how much the nail polish color changes. It was VERY affective. When the ladies were asked for their opinions, as to how it should rate on the Spud Meter, they gave it a resounding 5, the highest you can get. Incidentally, they have been doing these tests now for over two years, and only a few products have ever reached 5.

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