Great Sol Flyer Games for Kids and the Kid at Heart


Looking for fun activities to do with your Sol Flyer sport disc? Our friends over at Kid Activities have compiled a list of great recommendations that get you outside playing under the sun.

Are your kids spending too much time indoors? Are they bored of the same old sports? Why not give frisbee a try! Kids frisbee games are exhilarating, fun, and action-packed. Frisbee games are also a very affordable entertainment option that delivers many hours of fun for the whole family.

Another great advantage of playing frisbee games is that they are beneficial for your children’s health. Kid’s frisbee games will:

Improve their ability to run at high speed, Increase their endurance, Improve their agility, Improve their hand eye coordination as they catch fast moving frisbees, Improve their strength as they jump to catch frisbee and throw the frisbee long distances.

The following frisbee games are ideal for children. They have simple rules and can be learned by kids in a few minutes. Let’s check them out.

1. Frisbee Lawn Bowls

This simple game will test each child’s ability to throw a frisbee accurately. Frisbee Lawn Bowls is usually played outdoors on a flat grassy surface. The game starts with someone throwing a tennis ball or baseball so it lands at least 30 feet away. A cardboard target could also be used.

Participants will stand in a line and throw their frisbees one at a time, with the goal of landing as close to the target as possible. If one of the participants manages to land a frisbee on top of the target, they automatically win the round and receive 1 point. The first player to score 5 points is the winner of the game.

2. Frisbee Throwing Race

This simple frisbee game is a lot of fun and easy-to-learn, which makes it ideal for children. Start by marking two parallel lines on the ground, which are about 10 yards apart. These lines are labeled 1 and 2. They can be drawn with chalk on cement or string can be used on grass (with a colored marker to designate 1 and 2).

Participants will then pair up and stand on opposite lines, so they are about 10 yards apart. Give a frisbee to the child who is standing on the “1″ line. When you say “Go” they will begin throwing the frisbee back and forth with their partner. The first team to make 20 catches in a row wins the game. Alternately, you could declare the pair that successfully completes the most throws and catches the winner.

3. Frisbee Tag

This is a great game for boosting the fitness levels of participants. It requires at least two players. The game starts with one child flipping a frisbee. If it lands with its top up, they must run to a pre-determined spot without being tagged by the other player. If it lands bottom up, they must attempt to tag the other player before they get to the same spot.

4. Frisbee Tennis

This frisbee game is usually played on a tennis court, but can also be played on basketball or volleyball court if you have a net of some kind. This is a large scale game that is best played with 2 teams of 3 to 4 people each.

The games starts with each team standing on opposite sides of the net. Similar to tennis, one team will “serve” the frisbee over the net. If the team that receives the disc cannot catch it or takes more than 3 throws to get it back over the net, the serving team gets a point. If a team throws the frisbee out of bounds, the other team wins the point. It can be scored like tennis or like volley ball (first to 15 points).

5. Ultimate Frisbee

This is another popular sport that uses frisbees. Ultimate frisbee is an extremely fast-paced and athletic game that combines aspects of soccer and American football. It is a non-contact sport usually played with two teams of 7 players each. However, you can use smaller teams if you wish.

The playing field looks similar to a football field, with a large playing space in the middle and two end zones at opposite ends. The goal of the game is to successfully catch the game frisbee while standing in the opponent’s end zone.

Points begin with the players lining up on their end zone lines. The defense will throw the disc to the offense. Players are only allowed to move when they don’t hold the disc. When they do hold the disc, their only option is to stand still and throw it. If a pass is incomplete, the disc is turned over to the other team.

Games are usually played to 13/15/17 points with a time limit of between 75 to 100 minutes. However, you can tweak this to suit the skill level and fitness of the children. Learn more about Ultimate Frisbee.

6. Frisbee Soccer

This game is very similar to ultimate frisbee, but combines some elements of soccer. The rules are identical except it is played on a soccer field and teams must get the game frisbee into the opponent’s goal to score. Frisbee Soccer also has goalies, which protect the goal mouth.

You can also try “Goaltimate”. It is virtually the same as frisbee soccer, but it is played on a half-court and uses a special semicircular hoop as the goal. Click here to learn more about Goaltimate.

Looking for a unique, new sport disc? Check out Del Sol’s Sol Flyer that actually changes color with sunlight and then returns its original color without sunlight.

Read the full list and more from Kid Activities here.

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